genre   experimental short film  /  running time   4:40s  /  year   2017  

'Demons' is a short experimental film produced in collaboration with Miss O. 

Miss O is a Belgian-Italian pop-alternative music duo. Odette di Maio is an Italian singer-songwriter, and Jan De Block is a Belgian composer and producer. Odette's lyrics are about spirituality, dreams and connecting to other worlds, combined with Jan's delicate sounds – sometimes just the simplicity of piano. 


A young woman struggling with mental illness, watches her romantic relationship with a promising artist begin to unravel. Personified by her evil, other self, her mental illness becomes a barrier in their relationship. She seeks psychiatric treatment – attends therapy sessions, undergoes hypnosis and eventually shock therapy. Watching their relationship unfold like a film in an old theatre, culminates in a moment of lucidity, when the realities of her mental illness become apparent to both of them. 

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executive producers

Janine Ramlochan, Odette Di Maio, Jan De Block


Odette Di Maio, Jan De Block, Janine Ramlochan


Janine Ramlochan


Odette Di Maio, Jan De Block


Jan De Block, Odette Di Maio, Janine Ramlochan


Jan De Block, Janine Ramlochan

director of photography

Jan De Block


Astrid Bultijnck, Jan De Block, Wouter De Block, Janine Ramlochan

editing & visual effects

Janine Ramlochan

sound design

Jan De Block

set design

Kris De Plecker, Jan De Block


Kris De Plecker, Griet Van Buggenhout/Nijdrop, Jan De Block, Lena Geeroms, Alessio Bianchini


"Demons" - Miss O was written, recorded & producted by Odette Di Maio & Jan De Block

©2016 Addictive Noise Records

filming locations

Opwijk Belgium  /  Toronto Canada

'demons' short film is a Miss O & co-production  /  ©2017 all rights reserved

Belgium  .  Italy  .  Canada

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