lady fight

:30 sec TV (2004) / Indonesia

case study

Laurier, a long-established san-pro brand in Indonesia (pop. 200 million++ with a 50%+ SOM) was facing increasing competition from newer international brands (P&G, Kotex). With Laurier’s mainstream popularity, the international brands were seen as more relevant to the urban, more affluent Indonesian consumer. Kao launched SuperGuard, a premium variant to contemporize the brand and defend against international competitors. A characterization strategy, dramatizing strength and individuality, was wrapped up in an emotional benefit of spontaneity. Given the dominance of the brand in this market, success was defined by slowing erosion (retention) — which it did. 

The two girls featured were characters in an on-going Laurier campaign in Indonesia.

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 regional creative director

S. Ames, E. Marendra (Jakarta)

regional account director

T. Kimura (ASEAN Bangkok + Japan)

regional strategist

J. Ramlochan (ASEAN Bangkok)


Kao Indonesia / Kao ASEAN Bangkok


dentsu Indonesia / dentsu ASEAN Bangkok

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