GENRE  video installation  /  RUNNING TIME  8 min  /  YEAR  2014


The CYOA series is a 2-4 channel video work. It is based on 5 independent video works which have been used in different contexts, collaborations and site-specific installations. The intent is to explore shifting the meaning and impact of these video works within different artistic constructions, cultures and contexts.

artist statement

The work follows ’alien nation’ themes — aliens, alienation, alien integration — which characterized and catalyzed the mindscape and soundscape of the Caribbean, and subsequently Caribbean carnival cultures. Similar themes have been mirrored in the US-UK inner-city immigrant communities of the 70s-80s where rap and hip-hop became the locus of inner-city social transformation. The installation work examines cyclical repetition in migration, globalization, community friction and artistic intervention.

CYOA Rhythms was inspired by the ‘scratch video’ movement— video collage projections in 80s London/NYC nightclubs, often constructed from popular TV to create politically subversive meanings. CYOA Rhythms is an homage to these historical times and communities.

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08.2015     2015 Pan Am & ParaPan Am Games  /  Toronto

09.2014     Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival  /  Port of Spain

05.2014     The Carnival Project  /  New York