genre  experimental video  /  running time  2:24s  /  year  2011

A short experimental video of carnival and circus impressions, fusing elements of mixed media, painting and video. The imagery is layered and abstracted as if looking at a carnival though the wings of a dragonfly.


artist statement

While the origin of the term ‘carnival’ is believed to be Italian, its original meaning is disputed. Based on folk etymology, one interpretation of the late latin term ‘carne vale’ is ‘a farewell to the flesh’ – an expression suggesting a release of your everyday self in embracing the spirit of the occasion…From the Caribbean carnivals of my parents’ origins, to the amusement park carnivals of my urban Canadian upbringing, many incarnations surrounded me while growing up. Each with a distinct character, yet similar in the emotions they evoked. Softly fractured memories of these experiences have melded to become layered and abstracted. Differing customs and aesthetics have become ambiguous. Their origins unclear…Layered and abstract has somehow begun to characterize my own personal origins. With fragments of influences never rooted in reality, my childhood feels like a tapestry of interwoven occasions, embraced and never fully understood…



07-08.2011   ‘The Annual’ Juried Exhibition

Living Arts Centre Gallery, Mississauga Canada / in collaboration with SAVAC Toronto (South Asian Visual Arts Centre)