GENRE   music video  /  RUNNING TIME   4:40s  /  YEAR   2019

‘Demons’ is an experimental short/ music video produced in collaboration with Miss O.


A reinterpretation of a young, in love Miss Havisham (Great Expectations). Before she was jilted by her lover, the story tells of a struggle with mental illness.


director’s statement

When we were developing the storyline for “Demons,”  mental illness surfaced as a central idea amongst the narrative approaches we were exploring. We chose to further emphasize the issue of mental illness, because it made the story more interesting to us. We envisioned the protagonist as a young, in love Miss Havisham (Great Expectations), before she was jilted by her lover. We felt a struggle with mental illness fit a more contemporary interpretation of her relationship and wondered how her story might unfold differently. The lyrics of the song become a moment of lucidity, as she reflects on the love of her life and the lack of control she feels.

“Demons” uses abstraction and symbols to underpin the story. As the story is told from her perspective, in her voice, we approached the concept using the aesthetic style of a music video. We wanted the audience to discover new details with repeated viewing, so we included layers of detail to deepen the narrative. We very much see “Demons” as an experimental short film.

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