Littlefield, Gowanus (Brooklyn) New York / 04.05.2014


Part of a larger global education project, BATALA New York  is a community platform for music education, cultural integration, community interaction and women’s empowerment. Comprised solely of women, the drumming ensemble plays music commonly heard in the streets of Salvador de Bahia in northeastern Brazil.

The Carnival Project was the organization’s inaugural annual event, reinterpreting New World ‘carnival’ themes through a contemporary fusion of 50 batala drummers, bagpipers, New Orleans brass and my video installation, CYOA Rhythms. My video installation was designed to punctuate the rhythms of different genres of music. It explores issues of gender politics, inherited legacy and diasporic experience through the lens of a child.

The event was held at Littlefield, an eco-bar / performance space located in the still-emerging Gowanus neighbourhood of Brooklyn. Housed in an old warehouse from the 1920s, the space merges Gowanus’ industrial past with an eco-friendly future, serving as a beacon of sustainability for further neighbourhood rejuvenation.

about batala nyc

BATALA New York is a community organization of batala drummers. They provide participants with drums, instruction and an on-going community performance platform. Their mission is to teach any woman, regardless of musical experience to play the powerful rhythms of samba-reggae. Part of a larger global arts movement, Batala NYC began in 2012 in response to a lack of opportunities for women to drum in NYC.

view video:  the carnival project  /  #the-carnival-project