2014 New Media Program  /  Medulla Art Gallery
Port of Spain   16-30.09.2014



The video installation, CYOA Rhythms, has been included in the New Media Program of the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.

about ttff

TTFF is currently the largest film Festival in the English Caribbean. It is 2 weeks in length, international in scope and showcases feature, narrative, documentary, short and experimental films from the English, French, Spanish, Dutch Caribbean and the region’s diaspora.

TTFF helps facilitate the growth of the Caribbean film industry through workshops, panel discussions, conferences and networking events. In 2013, TTFF co-hosted a 3-day UNESCO conference to foster and promote the intangible benefits of the Caribbean Film industry – cultural diversity, dialogue, gender equality, economic development and it’s role in fostering peace across the region.